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About Jacob W. Madness

Creative Writer, Director and Producer

Behind the Artist

Jacob has amassed over a decade of experience on 1st tier productions.  Originally from Detroit, his move to Los Angeles brought the good fortune of landing work on the largest scale features and TV shows for Warner Bros, Fox, Sony, and more. Jacob’s wide and varied range of experience earned him the name, “Jake of all trades.”

Jacob served as a writer, producer, and first AD on the viral hit trilogy of short films, “Two Bellmen” as well as the award-winning short film, “Business Unusual.”

Jacob strengthened his skills even further while leading these sets for Substance Over Hype and the Marriott Content Studio. Through this time Jacob became an owner of Substance Over Hype, and also took the helm to direct the next project for Marriott Content Studio.

Directing “The Other End of the Earth” gave Jacob the opportunity to lead a passion project for an amazing brand partner.  In addition to directing, he was able to spend much of his time capturing shots for the film himself. Jacob looks to depict both strength and frailty, and aims to share moments that feel like a “slice of life” represented on a global scale.

“Working alongside a first-class brand like Ritz-Carlton Reserve gave me the perfect production partner.  The brand truly understood what it means to inspire and provide an atmosphere of freedom.  I very much enjoyed my time working with Diane Lane because she brought an insight and class which made the piece even more beautiful.  I am also extremely grateful to my production and post teams for helping to deliver the vision.” – Jacob W. Madness

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